Why Nobody Cares About Trading

If you’ve ever been a trader, you know what you don’t want for yourself and the things I am about trading. The ‘experts’ are all obsessed with it, even if they aren’t doing a good job at it. They’re all obsessed with all sorts of things that will cost you more money than they help. And I’m not just talking about selling on exchanges, there are some who have spent years teaching people to sell on the stock exchange, which is actually pretty bad.

People have made it their mission not only to teach us how to sell but also to make sure we lose everything we invest in. As it stands, the world is slowly moving towards a system where we all need to learn these things, regardless of whether we own stocks or not. There are plenty of people who are willing to teach us all of this stuff. So let’s stop pretending we don’t know this stuff. We already paid for it. Let’s move on to what I believe will be the most important piece of information (to me) in my life.

Trading the markets! Why does nobody care about trading?

I’m going to start right here because I know everybody will skip over this article. But before we continue on, I should probably tell you why nobody cares about trading. Most individuals don’t care because many of them never receive any fresh instruction. Some people are so dependent on this concept that they fail to see any justification for not simply removing them from it. Like now! That last part is probably the best way I can put that together because that’s a whole other subject on its own but it gets worse.

If I ever knew someone who didn’t know about trading I would talk about them! It’s time for one of those reasons why nobody cares about trading. You might have noticed that the word ‘trading’ comes from a combination of two words buying and selling. A quote from an old movie called the Matrix said that “The man-made black and white became black not knowing the difference between black and white or black and Every year thousands of people join the investment market, and yes, millions of trades take place in the United States.

In fact, this number is almost double in 2016, meaning there are many times they’re making hundreds of thousands of dollars per month. These transactions frequently yield relatively little profit, mostly as a result of the excessive number of buyers present, which makes it even more difficult for the seller to make any money. At least that’s what professional traders say. Maybe they don’t know any better. Maybe they just aren’t aware of this? Or maybe the people they work for are trying to keep them from being able to do what they love.

Whatever the case may be, let’s face it. Those numbers are absurd. When trading on Wall Street, they are still talking about big numbers like $500,000 on average. In reality, those numbers are always smaller. For example one year ago in March 2017, they were reporting 1.2 million shares traded. Which means only 4.7% of all the shares were traded. To put that into perspective, roughly 100,000 shares were traded in April 2018, while 3.8 million were traded the month of May 2018.

Not only was this a tiny percentage of trading, but it’s also tiny! Not surprisingly then, the small percentages are the same all over the world, except for China. In Taiwan, which has among the biggest stock markets, foreign investors hold a substantial portion of the country’s capitalization. The amount of currency traded doesn’t exactly add up with the amount of permitted foreign investments in Taiwan and China alone. How does your government allow such massive amounts of financial transactions?

Because your tax money is used to pay off investors! Even though trading isn’t illegal in every country, you’d be surprised by just how many people refuse to understand or care about this type of thing. Why does anybody care about trading? What I find interesting is this. Here are a couple of examples of why trading is pretty low to explain the topic:

Traders often target the wrong stocks

This is definitely a problem on Wall St. The average trading day on Wall St. starts around 10 a.m. and lasts until 2 a.m.

Traders are paid using a rate called ‘Commission’

Often times you’ll hear “Commissions” thrown around in conversations. Well, it’s basically just the equivalent of getting paid using the speed limit in our city. Some brokers use the term ‘commission’ to mean either the amount of money they get for each individual customer or a percentage of the total volume traded. Now let me state that the name isn’t accurate since sometimes commissions are determined through commission rate or commission rate percentage.

Also, there are a lot fewer people trading than actually making revenue! All I’m saying is that the people in charge want everyone to use trading.

Traders on Wall St. can be pretty sneaky

Sometimes they sell stocks simply by writing down numbers. Another reason why nobody cares about trading is that people often leave out basic intelligence. Things like how long it take to buy or sell a stock, etc. These kinds of things are usually missed, but sometimes they’re really obvious. The third reason why trading is low on the list of reasons why nobody cares about trading is because of the level of education available about trading.

There are a wide variety of individuals that lack adequate education in general. This is a recurring theme in various industries. For example, one person could write a book called “How to Trade” and expect me, you wouldn’t buy it because it’s not easy to follow! On top of that, there is the concept of the “trader bubble” because many times traders end up losing everything they invest in. While all of this might seem scary at first, it becomes less scary the closer you look at it.

Traders can be terrible communicators

Trading typically takes place over the phone or over email. Although these platforms have become increasingly common in today’s world of technology, people tend to ignore that because the biggest issue they have is communication. It’s pretty amazing how well this works! If you’re looking for a company or ETF, you can do it without having to go outside to talk to anyone about that. Just set up an account on an online platform, choose an asset, and wait for a price.

Then just let your broker communicate with the rest of us while we check out your investment, talk to anyone who claims to know us. Your brokerage might just offer you a free call! However, I would recommend keeping up to date! Otherwise, it’s just creepy. Some investors may be bad at investing. Given that these markets were once referred to as “bull,” it is possible. Bull markets are when prices go down very rapidly and there is literally nothing but winners and losers!

Investors who can count without numbers, or who are lazy like me, often make bad investments, as the losses shrink over time. The main problem with buying and selling securities is that there can be a gap between the two sides.

For example, you might have invested a huge amount only to lose it. Don’t fall into this trap I’m telling you don’t want to lose your money. Unfortunately, not everyone buys and sells stocks at the right time. There are also ways to gain wealth that many people have never seen before.

If people are unable to make money on Wall St., can’t live on Stock Exchanges, can’t make a living on Forex, can’t make it on Social Media, or can’t make a living in cryptocurrencies, then why are they so obsessed with Bitcoin?! Because many people do not know what’s on Wall St.?

Seriously, there are lots of scams and scams surrounding cryptocurrencies. Do you really want to spend your hard-earned money on something that could possibly be harmful? Of course not, because that would defeat the purpose of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Still, not everyone is buying and selling stocks and commodities like normal folks.

After reading this entire post, if you’ve decided to leap in, be ready! There are tons of scams out there! You never know! You could make money. Buying stock exchange, becoming an investor, and building up a portfolio of assets is a great ways to build wealth.