Ways To Make Money with Your Writing Skills

Everyone loves money and everyone wants to generate a passive income stream. So why not use your writing skills to make money? After all, you are writing for your blog anyway. Why not write for other blogs and websites and get paid for it? How I make money with my writing skills: There is no need to be ashamed of this fact. You can earn good money by writing for websites like Amazon and eBay and others as well.

If there is anything that gets in the public attention, is the way to write a bestselling book, then it is probably selling on Amazon. It is one of the most successful online selling platforms in terms of sales volume. But what about when you start making a living freelancing as a writer?

Now, the biggest challenge that every writer faces is earning enough money to cover all the expenses.

But now, you have the ability with which you can earn more money if you make some changes. This article will share with you how you should consider yourself a freelance writer today. The idea of being a freelance writer is quite lucrative nowadays. As a writer, you don’t just want to write articles or novels for another blogger to make money, you also want to grow yourself. So, without further ado, let us discuss different ways to make money writing online.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is an affiliate marketing technique where companies pay affiliates to promote their brands and services. The main aim of creating a website or publishing content is to attract readers towards these ads making them buy these products. Affiliate marketing is extremely popular and continues to increase in popularity across various platforms. And, according to research, 60% of entrepreneurs in America use it as part of their business model.

The best thing about affiliate marketing is that you do not have to worry much about how your website generates revenue. A lot of people just click on sponsored links, but if you are serious about this practice, you choose reliable and genuine sites out there. One major complaint I hear from fellow writer-turned-affiliate marketers is that they experience constant stress trying to maintain the quality of their content and advertisements.

By using affiliate marketing and writing online, you not only get paid for your work but also become a contributing member of helping businesses grow. If you are passionate about promoting small businesses, then you can learn everything about getting started as a freelance writer and becoming rich as a professional.

Selling Books Online

If you have your heart set on becoming a famous author, you can try online selling books on Amazon. Some of the most prominent authors of today are JK Rowling, John Green, and Stephen Fry. These authors sell thousands of copies per year through Amazon. They are very active in promoting various titles of their novels, eBooks, and related topics on their social media accounts.

Some of the Amazon Prime users who buy these books as gifts for loved ones are reportedly worth millions. In addition, booksellers have also benefitted from these types of income streams. Many writers publish their first drafts of novels, short stories, and blog posts online and earn from their fan following. You can either get expert guidance in this process or join a site and begin working as a writer like me.

But, if you are new to this world, you might not see how easy it is to earn from Amazon. On the contrary, it takes time and effort. Not all books are available online so you shouldn’t give up on your dream of reading through this method. If you take help from knowledgeable people online, you will be able to find success in this market.

The Best Advantage of Selling Handwritten Articles for Someone Else

Handwriting articles has been considered a relatively unknown art all throughout history. Now, however, there are many talented individuals who can master and create amazing pieces of artwork. However, hard work and perseverance are necessary to succeed in writing. Only those who possess the skill have any chance of making great bucks.

Writers can use websites such as Fiverr, Upwork, and Google AdWords to earn a living without leaving their homes. When I say someone else can teach you to write better than you, all I mean is this: I had a friend just as powerful as a guru, who taught me to read and write at his home.

He would show me something beautiful and ask me to write it down and edit it. If I didn’t know him, I wouldn’t believe that this was possible. I learned it as I followed him and my eyes were filled with tears while watching him speak. I realized I had to be a better person to follow in my father’s footsteps.

Now, handmade articles are affordable and easily accessible, making them a great source of income. All kinds of industries and markets have accepted online handiwork as means of income production with enormous success. Take blogging, for example. Bloggers can pay people to write for their blogs. Bloggers must pay for the cost of writing and editing and expect income.

An average content writer earns around $1,500 to $2,000 per piece of written work. That’s good stuff, right?

The Future Is Very Bright for People Who Write About Anything!

What if you did not know it before but one day when we are surrounded by journalists, writers can actually talk to themselves on camera for television? And I am talking about this phenomenon called “self-tape.” Although I won’t lie to you, I have had several conversations on this subject and I didn’t understand why anyone would ever consider it interesting. But now that the future seems promising, it’s because of technology.

We have gotten rid of the concept of privacy and now, it’s a common thing that we just record ourselves in front of cameras and upload it as soon as we catch the moment. Now, this isn’t all news. People can send messages to their inboxes using Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, etc., sometimes you can listen to music through earbuds or through some kind of Bluetooth connection.

I can tell you that there are plenty of possibilities for recording interviews with celebrities. You just do not need a computer to do that either. The truth is that with digital journalism continuing to thrive in today’s society, there are countless opportunities for self-tape artists to earn well.


His list of skills and occupations that you can employ to earn online is boundless. Therefore, it’s better to think beyond what we usually think about when we hear the words “Freelancer”. Be aware of what you can realistically expect working as a freelance writer by implementing some of the strategies discussed above.

Once you start taking action, you can see results, and your career as a content writer will definitely increase in value and reach higher heights. If you want to build a successful relationship and start generating a passive income stream, check whether online jobs like freelance writing seem too good a fit for you.

Because once it does, here’s that amazing story of yours I have mentioned above. Have in mind that you might need to improve your craft in order to make it worthy of this type of livelihood. Otherwise, freelance writing is a perfect option you should consider for maximum benefits.