15 Forex Trading Mistakes That Are Costing You A Lot of Money

Forex trading is one of the greatest ways to increase your income. However, it can also be one of the most expensive ways to lose money if you don’t know what you’re doing. In order to succeed at forex trading, you have to follow certain steps and avoid common mistakes that will cost you hundreds of dollars every single day.

If you are reading this article, I am sure something is going to make someone angry and hurt your ears. Please continue reading, and do pay attention to what else I write that will make your ears explode. This article discusses some common Forex Trading Mistakes that cost thousands of dollars every day.

Before discussing how much you should know about forex this article first explains what a Forex market is. This section takes you to an understanding of why this type of market exists and then it goes into an explanation of common sense mistakes people make. In the next section let’s talk about the pros and cons of using Forex as a payment method. Then it goes into different aspects of earning money online by investing in Forex.

After all, if you are able to earn $1000 daily online, I can confirm at least 5 of those days if not more than that.

How to Earn Money Online?

There are two methods of earning money through websites like Facebook. They are either working or passive. Working means paying a certain amount of time to a website because they get paid while passive means spending time watching videos, watching other websites, or listening to podcasts. It is good to understand both sides before jumping in.

One way to earn money online is through YouTube. There are many channels and creators through which you can stream content and earn money online with YouTube. The basic description here is there is an opportunity to watch any video for free for 30 seconds and earn money from each minute of the video. When you watch the stream, the account of the creator gets funded automatically.

You do not need to subscribe to anything. Moreover, you do not even have to worry about ads. There is no hassle either when streaming a video on YouTube. You just have to click “Watch Video” and you would receive $10 per minute of the stream. With passive income, there is another option for making money online. Once you upload your video on youtube’s wall, you get payments within 10-30 minutes.

The streamers use PayPal and they receive their payouts via email. Some examples of streams on YouTube are:

Video-Shorts – A popular Stream of short clips. You can watch any of their videos. All you have to pay for a clip is 1/4th of the clip’s length. And after paying for a clip it will show up on a web page and allow you to view a copy of the clip. You do not need it so much. If you are looking for a real cash flow, this might fit. But a lot of times this stream doesn’t give you the correct amount of cash.

To start earning real cash, if you want to earn $1000 a month on the internet, you must set up your own business. Also, you can apply now for the best app and platform.

Affiliate Marketing – Affiliate marketing is also becoming very popular nowadays. One way of achieving this is to create a website and post advertisements on top of it. You get paid when somebody clicks on your website and makes his or her purchase. What does affiliate marketing do exactly? Affiliate marketing gives you a boost in traffic to a website. Just click the link below and click make your first sale.

By moving people closer to your website, your sales boost and you start making money. One thing that we must mention is the fact that this strategy is a little complicated. Since our life has changed over the years, sometimes we will spend our time watching TV shows instead of making friends in real life. But we should not worry because with affiliate marketing you can still make sure we get to meet real humans, we even get to go along with the same person, and we even have fun watching them.

Earn Money Online & Get Payment Via Email

To make money online one only needs to learn a few skills such as:

Email Marketing – Email marketing is a fantastic tool that helps to send out special emails to your targeted audience which increases the engagement rate. People feel happy when they are sent spamming emails. For example, you may ask them if they got their new year’s resolution to start with. Or maybe, they want a discount offer. Or maybe, you could even just remind them of something important.

An example is when you sell products related to books from Amazon and eBay on behalf of your readers. If you want to earn real cash online on eBay, your readers can download coupons and sign up as buyers right away.

Earning Real Cash Online

If you have been following me till the end, you must be thinking is the traditional system of making money online working out. Because, yes, you read that correctly. You can earn a huge amount of savings and profit online. You just need to open an Amazon seller and you will easily earn money selling almost everything.

Now, if you have followed me for so long you must have realized that there are thousands of companies that provide the services of buying and selling anything online. Yes, but they can also charge high prices. Another example is eBay. Their prices range from 20% to 80%. This means that depending on the quality of items and service provided by the seller, you could easily lose thousands of dollars.

How Much Can You Expect To Make Online?

Let’s take a quick look at how much you can expect to earn daily on the internet. You need to know the difference between passive and active income. Passive income means getting your revenue through work. While active income is receiving a percentage of a profit earned through work.


As you can see, there are several common mistakes that new Forex traders make when they first start out. By avoiding these mistakes and following the guidelines above, you should be able to avoid costly errors and improve your trading profits.